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Greek and Roman Art
The beauty of Ancient Greek and Roman art
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28th-Mar-2011 10:29 pm - The Temple of Venus, Stowe School

This 18th century temple was also known as Kent's Building.  The statues in the front represent Nero, Vespasian, Cleopatra and Faustina.
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11th-Mar-2011 09:16 pm - Apollo

An Apollo from Smyrna, in the style of Antinous, in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. Mid 2nd century AD.
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6th-Mar-2011 08:15 pm - Athena

This Athena is Roman, dating from about the 2nd century AD, I think from Smyrna, in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
1st-Mar-2011 10:26 pm - Aphrodite, British Museum

Aphrodite crouching at her bath, 2nd century AD, a Roman copy of a Greek original.  Also known as Lely's Venus as it was once owned by the painter Sir Peter Lely

Okay, I'm breaking my own rules here as this is a scan of a book illustration, but I love the glimpse of what life might have been like.  The painting dates to 1867 and shows a Roman sculpture gallery.  The statue in the foreground is now in the Vatican, as is the one of Laocoon and his sons in the background.  The statue on the right is Agrippina, the mother of Nero.
27th-Jan-2011 10:47 pm - Antinous

The Greek youth Antinous, beloved of Hadrian, who drowned in the Nile AD130, and was declared a god by Hadrian.  He looks rather intense and brooding in this portrait.
9th-Jan-2011 04:55 pm - Silver Bust of Serapis

Metropolitan Museum of Art.  "Silver bust of Serapis. Roman, 2nd Century AD.  By the 2nd century AD, Serapis had become one of the most popular dieties in the Roman Empire.  Many images of the god took the form of portable busts, suitable for dedication or private worship.  Silver busts of Serapis are mentioned in an inscription found in Rome, but this is apparently the only extant sample.  The modius (grain basket) always shown on the god's head is now missing."

Another poor quality photo, I'm afraid, but this bust is only about six inches tall and it sits in the center of a very large glass case.  Funny thing is that I spotted it from the other side of the room.  For some reason it caught my eye even though is surrounded by other objects.  
9th-Jan-2011 11:22 am - Roman Relief

This is from my visit to Jordan this year.

Amman, Jordan - National Archaeological Museum at the Citadel - A limestone architectural relief from Petra, dated from the 1st century AD. It shows a young woman wearing a laurel wreath and hold a mask of Pan, the herdsman's god, or a Satyr.
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