Gravestone of Lysis, Piraeus Museum

Courtesy of system1988

The loutroforos gravestone of Timocleides son of Lysis. The old seated man is Lysis son of Democrates from the Deme of Aixone (today's Glyfada region). The full name of the dead man is given on the base. So we have a direct witness of the historical individual Lysis, disciple of Sokrates whose name Platon used as title for one of his dialogues. This of course brings us back to Renault doesn't it? The date of the gravestone is the second quarter of the 4th century BC.Collapse )

Marathon monument

Courtesy of system1988

This is the trophy of Marathon that the Athenians built at the battlefield after their victory. It was a marble and without stripes column as high as 10 meters with Ionic capital. On top of the capital lay a Victory statue. Only 2 pieces of the column and its capital were saved and are now on display at the museum to remind the victory of 9000 Athenians and 1000 Plateans against 30.000 Persians (Hammond). In a way the history of Europe would be totally different in case the Persians managed to take over Athens and also we would not have Philipides to run the Marathon...

Alexander the Great

This bust was kindly sent to me by the very kind system1988 .  It is located in the Acropolis Museum, Athens and dates to about 333 BC, about 5 years after an 18 year old Alexander visited the city following his father Philip's victory over the Athenians and Thebans at Chareonea so it perhaps reflects a fairly close representation of what he really looked like.